Ordering Procedures

Within five business days following receipt of your order from Swedish Blonde Collection and St. Barths Home, you will receive an Acknowledgement of your order via fax, showing all the specific item numbers and descriptions, colors, prices and an estimated shipping date. Please review it carefully, especially the color selections. Please indicate any changes, sign the Acknowledgement at the bottom of the page and fax it back to us at (310) 828-5719.
We will begin processing the order upon receipt of your deposit. You may remit the deposit via business check, wire transfer, VISA or MasterCard. The estimated shipping date is based upon our current inventory and the scheduled arrival of furniture from our European manufacturers. Delivery for products in inventory or on an incoming container is 2-4 weeks. For orders allow 8 to 12 weeks. Add two weeks if there are pieces to be customized with hand-painted details included on the order. NOTE: If your deposit is delayed, the estimated shipping date is subject to change.
Final payment in full is required prior to shipping your order. Approximately ten (10) days in advance of the estimated shipping date, you will receive an updated status report and statement of the amount due. We send your furniture "Freight Collect F.O.B. Los Angeles” - via common carrier unless otherwise requested. Every effort will be made to find carriers who provide quality service, reasonable prices and timely delivery. If you have a preferred carrier, or wish to select a blanket-wrap service, please inform us as early in the ordering process as possible.

Receiving Procedures

We warrant that Swedish Blonde and St. Barths Home furniture and accessories leave our dock in good condition, having been inspected prior to packing. Extra packing materials are used to cushion and protect the product as it is transported. Freight damages are the responsibility of the shipping firm/transfer company/freight carrier. Under no circumstances will St. Barths Home Inc. be held liable for damage to merchandise after it has left the dock of our finishing/packing facility. Effective receiving involves the careful inspection of goods upon receipt. A good receiver should uncarton, inspect, and note any damages, shortages and overages on the accompanying Bill of Lading. A receiver assumes liability for the products that are received on your behalf. Establish guidelines with your receiver, and contracts to enforce them, to insure that goods are properly received on your behalf. Set guidelines according to the following: